part creative brief, part fun-based takeover
WARNING: BRAGBOOK has been known to induce rabid attention on your brand, create manic customer enthusiasm, and rack up fat stacks of cash.

Because fun sells.
Because laughter is the best marketing.
And because brands who have the guts to stand out, have the profits to show for it.
That's what BRAGBOOK does on your behalf.
It’s a hostile messaging takeover (dressed in creative brief’s clothing) that not only teaches you how to be fun + funny, it goes ahead and transforms the foundational elements of your brand so that it becomes an attention-grabbing, cash machine.

It’s a lot like those inflated, fluffy <cough, ineffective> brand guides that fancy agencies dish out, but with shit you can actually use. 

BRAGBOOK gets its hands dirty on actually fleshing out exact strategies and messages you can incorporate right damn now in order to bring fun and humor into your blending-in it becomes brag-worthy.
What people who love you aren’t telling you:
You can have the most remarkable talent, the coolest product, the most mind-blowing epiphany...but it won’t matter (or grow, or make money) if no one ever stops to listen.

So how do you stop them in their tracks? How do you cause a stir? How do you go beyond demanding attention and actually create it?
By having fun, fresh, interesting, different, outstanding messaging and marketing.

That’s how you make them care. And buy.
Say, for example you want to buy chemical-free, all-natural condoms. (Who doesn’t?)  Which campaign catches your attention more:
“All-natural condoms for his and her health.”


“Naughty, by nature.”


“Think inside her box.”


“Your mouth isn’t the only hole that wants to avoid harsh chemicals.”

 The last three, right? Because when a ton of businesses are shilling the same thing, standing out isn’t a matter of taste, it’s a matter of SURVIVAL.
+   I don’t feel confident talking about what I do—casually or formally—because I can’t nail down that fresh spin that will do my biz justice (and keep my audience from falling asleep.)

+   I don’t want to waste money (or worse I’ve already wasted money) on growing my brand and I’m not sure where to start or what comes first or what to tell my copywriter, designer, new team member. 

+   My brand is clutching to a life raft amidst a sea of similar businesses and I’m worried I can’t stay afloat if I don’t do something soon.

+   I’m playing paper rock scissors with my competitors instead of rewriting the game entirely. 

+   My message can’t make up its mind and varies on every single channel: social, email, web, etc. So I’m afraid my consumer has no clue who I really am and subsequently forgets about me.

+   I’m basically just winging it with my brand—cuz who the hell has time for this when everything else seems so pressing? Which means that every time I add a new offering, I have to figure out what my brand is again. (I’ve created a freakish Frankenstein of a brand message and it’s alliiiiiive.)

+   It’ll create a clever, creative backbone that will help you tell a streamlined, standout story.

+   That one that you need to have nailed down before you invest in other branding elements—so that all that shit you do going forward is united, consistent, cohesive, and FUN AF.

+   It’ll be the holy book you can use to inform new hires, contractors, brand expansions, investors, and strangers in the elevator on who you are and why you deserve the spotlight.

+   A NEW, STANDOUT STORY. When it comes to position(ing), we’re the mo-fuggen messaging Kama Sutra. We’ll bend your boring story over backwards and pick an angle that’ll have your audience saying, “U up?”

+   CREATIVE MESSAGING DIFFERENTIATORS that will show you how fun / funny your brand has the potential to be. These will essentially be freshly-branded core messages that will not only feel incredibly catchy + memorable, but will still feel true to your brand and audience. 

 YOUR BRAND’S LIST OF FORBIDDEN WORDS so you stop sounding like a lame old copycat and instead become the earworm your customers can’t get out of their head.

+   FUNNY CAMPAIGNS. You bet your ass we craft marketing concepts (based on the various differentiators) that you can incorporate across all brand channels immediately. 

+   HOME PAGE MESSAGE MOCKUP. We can’t help but want to weave this new fun-brand into a home page web copy. Since that’s the first experience so many of your consumers will have with’s gotta get to the point quickly and cleverly. 

+   VIBE BOARD. We’ll give you the logo/typography and color palette we think goes best with your new direction. Because even though you’re more than just a pretty face, looks matter.

As if that wasn’t enough to make you freak, we’re opening up our diaries and sharing with you all of the coveted things we’ve learned hands-on about humor marketing. Yep—Bragbook isn’t just dishing out creative deliverables, it’s spitting out fresh, table-turning truths that you won’t find in any business book out there.
We think it’s a load of crap that most brandbooks leave you with more ideas than action, so we’ve designed the BRAGBOOK to be tactical, momentum-inducing, and something you can run with instantly. Bragbook contents can be used for the following:

+  Coming soon page
+  Facebook ads
+  Social media content (and bios)
+  Business tagline
+  Promotional campaigns
+  Pitch emails
+  Press snippets
+  Web copy
+  Business cards
At the end of the day, Bragbook is your surefire way to make sure they aren’t saying ‘who are you again?’ and instead: ‘how can I buy again?’
DOLLARS: $2500 (2 payments of $1250)
1st payment of $1250 charged when you lock in your spot below
2nd payment of $1250 charged on Day 21
BRAGBOOK is a labor of love delivered 3 weeks from start date.
We’ll holler with everything you need to start.
Allie comes from the strategy + startup world and Lyndsay hails from the comedy + copywriting world, but we both share an addictive love for ballsy, offbeat, eye-catching marketing. We’ve each spent years helping businesses stand out strategically and creatively and time after time our favorite weapon was humor. AND THEN one blistery Chicago day (AKA every day’s weather from November-March), we came to the realization that it was simply bonkers to work any other way. 

Thus, by our powers combined, Obedient was born—rooted in power of humor and the potency of fun.

Not just because those other tame marketing tactics weren’t enjoyable, but because they weren’t effective. When we’re not, helping brands create swimmable gold vaults a la Scrooge McDuck, we’re trying to keep up with our dogs, Mokey and Puffin, and co-hosting our erotic Harry Potter fanfic podcast, The Potterotica Podcast. Yes, you read that right.  

We stand by the truth that fun sells and that if you can make people laugh, you can make them do anything. 


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