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Chickenshits like to use doomsday marketing tactics to induce shitty feelings and make their people feel worthless instead of wonderful. There’s a difference between addressing how a potential customer feels and their potential needs + desires….and preying upon their worst fears and self-perceived inadequacies. Chickenshit: YOUR YOUTH IS ESCAPING YOU AND YOU’RE ABOUT TO TURN INTO AN UGLY, OLD TROLL-HAG HERE HAVE SOME EYE CREAM BEFORE YOUR HUSBAND LEAVES YOU FOR HIS HOT, YOUNG ASSISTANT.

Us: Look well-rested even when you stayed up Binge-watching Season 3 of Love.

That right there is a good example of fear-based vs. fun-based. Smart folks understand that humor humanizes. It compels without subtly (or not so subtly) triggering a consumer’s insecurities. It ignites a sigh of relief not a quick intake of panic-breath. It plays to the best of people, not the worst.

Turns out,  you don’t need to prey on your consumer’s fears to make the kill. Instead? Excite them to death. RIP, your sad sales and long live fun.

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