Facebook Ads That Actually
Sell And Aren't Garbage
Not sure if you guys have heard, but Facebook has a ton of people on it.
Silly ‘ol Mark Zuckerburg was onto something. And ads on Facebook aren’t all just creepy pop ups of that thing you were just shopping for on Amazon Prime, but can actually be pretty sick marketing tools if you know how to wield them
This service is for anyone who is like aw f*ck, I know I should be running those but is it worth the money? And what do I even say? And how do I decide who to target? And when? And, IS THIS A SCAM?
(We like conspiracy theorists, they’re fun at parties.)

FATASAAG is not only a killer acronym, but the service that will get you the insider strategy + the seductive copywriting to handle all of those questions and help you bring in the clients by the truckload.
Here's how we saddle up and help:
+   By handling the entire Facebook Ad strategy related to compelling customer messaging that attracts, excites and converts.

 +   By slinging seductive ad copy so that people read the damn thing and click the damn button. 
Here’s what you have to provide on your end 
(once you secure your spot):
+   Your offering—we gotta know the business or product or service or course or [fill in the blank] that you’re tryna promote. 
+   The dirt—The unique angle of your offering. How it’s different, why they need it, what will make them pause when they are knee deep in their Aunt’s recent puppy video post.
These little buggers can pack a massive punch straight to your list + bottom line —but only if they have a whip smart strategy and a dissenting creative. Because your audience’s eyeballs are bored as hell with the same old same old.
So when they’re presented with something original? They’ll go fucking bananas.

To get this show on the road, click the button below to tell us your FB Ads project scope—and we'll whip up a custom estimate for ya.

P.S. Don’t be surprised/mad if you have to wait a month or two—things fill up fast!
Allie comes from the strategy + startup world and Lyndsay hails from the comedy + copywriting world, but we both share an addictive love for ballsy, offbeat, eye-catching marketing. We’ve each spent years helping businesses stand out strategically and creatively and time after time our favorite weapon was humor. AND THEN one blistery Chicago day (AKA every day’s weather from November-March), we came to the realization that it was simply bonkers to work any other way. 

Thus, by our powers combined, Obedient was born—rooted in power of humor and the potency of fun.

Not just because those other tame marketing tactics weren’t enjoyable, but because they weren’t effective. When we’re not, helping brands create swimmable gold vaults a la Scrooge McDuck, we’re trying to keep up with our dogs, Mokey and Puffin, and co-hosting our erotic Harry Potter fanfic podcast, The Potterotica Podcast. Yes, you read that right.  

We stand by the truth that fun sells and that if you can make people laugh, you can make them do anything. 


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