GARYLOG #3: Takeout Stakeout…or should I say Steak-out

Gary here, comin’ at you live from the field, or as I’ve now coined the operation: The #Garylog. I don’t know where to put that pound sign but looks cool huh? Maybe Obedient is rubbing off on me with my catchy mission name, but don’t tell my boss; I’m 78% sure he would NOT like it.

I’ve got all my gear lined up for my another full day of spy work: 3 Lunchables, my underwater watch (you never know), a harmonica, and a notebook. Dale makes fun of me for buying wide ruled notebooks, but my elegant, swooping cursive won’t fit in any other kind, so, as they say: c’est la vie.

Today’s #Garylog:
Today I observed a team brainstorm about their new client: a food delivery app. Boy if there’s anything I know well it’s dining at home for one. Reading their campaign ideas was like getting my soul read. Honestly, I’m feeling a little emotional.

Here are some of their brainstorm jokes that I could make out from zooming way in with my Binocs:

  • Craving wontons but don’t wonton put any clothes on? That’s our cue.
  • Because you’re wearing athleisure but feeling ath-lazy. Say no more.
  • Sometimes it’s impossible to get a table anywhere but your kitchen. Here for ya.
  • When it’s dead cold outside so you’re dead on the inside. We got you.
  • Hungry for falafel, but looking fal-awful? Meet the new private dining.
  • Get a double espresso without getting trampled by a double stroller. Coffee, delivered.

Had to stop spying cuz their ideas were making me hungry. BRB goin’ ham on my Lunchables (which, funny enough, are ham!).

Until next time,

PS: Sorry for the scare last week. My boss still wants me to keep an eye on Obedient and suss out how and why humor is working so well. Wait…keep a private eye on them! ROFLOL. Woah, I might be getting funnier via osmosis to these people. Again, please don’t tell my boss.

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