Humor Marketing served here.

Straight up; leaving your competitors shaken and your consumers stirred.


Those are bartending jokes. And this is a web page detailing all the cool shit we do—just so we’re all on the same page going forward. Are we the first creative agency to use humor? No. Are we the first creative agency to build an entire empire based on ‘humor marketing’ once we realized that holy shit this works and no one else is doing it because they don’t have the balls or talent? Damn straight.

Don’t make us list all the studies and statistics about why humor works so well, but the secret is: unorthodox + unexpected = unforgettable. AKA in an overly-saturated marketplace full of folks with alarmingly-short attention spans, if you keep doing what everyone around you is doing, you’ll never catch the eyes or feelings of your audience.

The antidote? Become a Humor Brand™—one of the rare businesses willing to say something fresh; willing to sell with fun not fear; a brand that has the guts to bust guts. Cuz the thing no one is talking about is that comedy isn’t just the most delightful way to communicate, it’s also the most disarming and empathizing.

So when humor becomes your strategy of choice, people aren’t just entertained by you, they’re mofugging endeared to you. After all, humor is just the truth having fun…and consumers love both. (That sound you just heard was one of our founders yelling WIN/WIN!)


Talents Include:


Get our evil genius all up in why, where, and how you should speak about your brand. Get the scoop here.

Turn your site into a concise, compelling, clever, converting masterpiece.

Scripts, strategy, showtime. From promotional to social to commercial—get them laughing, get them sharing, get them buying.

You have to be sharp, dissenting, and hilarious to make a splash on social. We’re all of that and a bag of chips.

Because creativity doesn’t grow on trees and you need people to remember your name.

What’s in a name? ONLY EVERYTHING. In order to get your consumer’s attention, it’s gonna have to be good; reaaaal good.

One-liners that impact your bottom-liners. (Look, it’s a tagline about a tagline service.)

Your next big thing needs chatter that makes them chuckle and makes you cheddar.

Please, call me Billboard. Williamboard was my father’s name. (We make experiential signage that will stop people in their tracks and start them as loyal customers.)

Honestly why would you waist precious packaging on a boring user experience?? This is the extra messaging mile to endear your peeps to your brand via fun.

No, not flash mobs. But wild, newsworthy, mind-shattering, attention-demanding ad-stallations? Yep.


Do you seriously think we’d just let some random designer get their hands on your brand? WRONG.

Your product should look as un-boring as it sounds.

We are masters at design and infuse humor into visuals so that the visual pieces of your brand are a triple threat (sings, dances, sells.)

Your site should turn heads and turn out pockets. 

You want clicks and conversions? Then stop having your friend’s brother design your shit.


For when you land a big new client, or need to impress a big, old client and your team needs a truckload of genius, fun ideas.

In-person workshops to teach businesses how to use fun to make more sales.

We look forward to joking with working with you!
Inquire within for pricing*, process, and other things that don’t begin with a P.


Speaking of pricing, let’s call a spade a $pade: we aren’t cheap. But it’s not because we have dollar signs for eyeballs, but rather because we do something that no one else can—or dares to—do. Humor is something everyone loves, but very few can create. Add a bunch of other boring reasons like “decades of marketing experience,” and “unmatched creative vision,” and “an entire team foaming at the mouth to make you an unsurpassed success,” and you’ve got our rate reasoning. So if you want something hot ‘n ready in under 5 minutes, may we suggest getting one of those Little Caesars pizzas? But if you want crazy hot value, bangarang for your buck, and content that your competitors would kill to have in their paws? Hi, hello that’s us.