We’re funnier than you.

Hello, do come in. May we pour you something to drink?
Perhaps the angry tears of your competitors? Or the laughter tears of your audience? Either way, tears is all we have on the menu. Weird, huh? Well, bottoms up, because once you stop boring people to tears with your marketing, you’ll be so rich and successful that you can drink whatever the hell you want. Weep no more, world—humor marketing is here.


Talents Include:


Get our evil genius all up in why, where, and how you should speak about your brand. (Ex: bragbook)

Turn your site into a concise, compelling, clever, converting masterpiece.

Scripts, strategy, showtime. From promotional to social to commercial—get them laughing, get them sharing, get them buying.

You have to be sharp, dissenting, and hilarious to make a splash on social. We’re all of that and a bag of chips.

Because creativity doesn’t grow on trees and you need people to remember your name.

What’s in a name? ONLY EVERYTHING. In order to get your consumer’s attention, it’s gonna have to be good; reaaaal good.

One-liners that impact your bottom-liners. (Look, it’s a tagline about a tagline service.)

Your next big thing needs chatter that makes them chuckle and makes you cheddar.


Please, call me Billboard. Williamboard was my father’s name. (We make experiential signage that will stop people in their tracks and start them as loyal customers.)

Honestly why would you waist precious packaging on a boring user experience?? This is the extra messaging mile to endear your peeps to your brand via fun.

No, not flash mobs. But wild, newsworthy, mind-shattering, attention-demanding ad-stallations? Yep.

Bridal showers suck but your promotional event can be actually fun for potential consumers.


For when you land a big new client, or need to impress a big, old client and your team needs a truckload of genius, fun ideas.

Have a huge campaign coming up and need to nail it with something unexpected and unforgettable? We can make it brain/rain.

In-person workshops to teach businesses how to use fun to make more sales.

We look forward to joking with working with you!
Inquire within for pricing, process, and other things that don’t begin with a P.