Doing the same thing as everybody else makes you a cliché.

But doing the same thing as everybody else and expecting 
different, exciting results? Makes you bat shit crazy.

OBEDIENT caters to those who don't want to be either of those things. And instead? Want to get the attention of their primo audience and then turn them into ride-or-die customers.

(Do you get it? We’re called obedient but we want to teach people to be the opposite.)

(If you don’t get it, this is the first litmus test and you failed.)
Kindly head to www dot boring marketing strategies dot biz. They can probably help you.

What we like to do around here is turn traditional marketing strategies on their head, overturn 
tables on industry standards and help you guys do the same. 

And unlike your emo cousin, we don’t just do ‘different’ for the sake of doing different 
(although it sure af is where all of the fun is), we do it because these days — when everyone 
and your mom and her friend Carol are starting businesses — if you want to make it: 
standing out isn’t just a matter of taste, 
it's a matter of survival.
And yes, it takes guts to do things differently, but have you 
ever heard a great story about someone who didn’t? 

Neither have we.

We’ll just say it: people respond to the outliers. These unicorns snag 
their attention and damn near opens their wallets instantly. And while 
you likely got into biz because you wanna provide a service to people, 
chances are you also wanna make cash and not have to eat Saltines for dinner.
Here’s one of the first services we’re selling out of our trenchcoats:
Get in bed with 10 years of marketing experience and brainpower….so your first time is the best time.
Because you have a lot of ideas about what to do with your business. You know your shit, you know your people, and you wanna launch something good great fucking remarkable that brings in real cashmoney.
And most of all? Whether this is your first-first time, or you just 
want it to finally feel good it’s time to, ahem, do it right. 
The problem, of course, is knowing if what you want to sell is any good. You’re like, is this cool? Will people want it? Is this the best way to execute it? Does it leverage what I’m actually good at? Is everyone else doing this? Am I missing something? How do I make a splash and get my audience wet (the good kind of wet)? 
You need two experts (hand-raised emoji) in branding, marketing strategy, and copywriting to swoop in and answer all of that for you— in the form of an idea consult complete with constructive, big-thinking, norm-defiant feedback and ideation for your:

—new service
—new group program
—new digital product
—new physical product
—or whatever else you wanna sling to bring in the dough

Here's what's included in Launch Virgin:
  •  Strategy Doc: This is a pro ideation + strategy with a breakdown of 2 different angles for your specific offering along with execution recommendations (systems + tools).
  •  Creative Concepts: You’ll get creative names, slogans, or campaign angles to add that standout creative element that will help this differentiate and come alive.
  •  Precious Feedback: No more bugging your best friend who isn’t even in your field and instead get our expert noggins on your idea to make it better and make it happen.
  •  A 10 day turnaround time — because waiting sucks.
Here’s what you have to provide on your end:
  •  You must have been in biz for at least a year or worked with a few clients so you know what you do and who you do it for.
Launch Virgin will make sure your new offering is fleshed out, foolproof, and seductive so you can avoid spending time and money developing something that nobody wants to buy.
So you can have that green light, battle plan, or nudge you need to get out there and do some dope shit with your business.
This will either be the thing that gets some cash in the door..or it won’t. 
So as we always say: do it right keep it tight.

DOLLARS: $800 (2 payments of $400)
1st payment of $400 charged when you lock in your spot below
2nd payment of $400 charged on Day 10

To get this show on the road, click the button below. If there’s a spot open this month, you’ll be whisked away to a magical checkout world where you can purchase le product.

Once you secure your spot, you'll fill out our intake questionnaire, then get your launch virgin delivery within 10 days.

Buongiorno! We’re Allie and Lyndsay—only Allie is Italian, but Lyndsay loves pasta so, just go with it. Allie comes from the strategy + startup world and Lyndsay hails from the comedy + copywriting world, but we both share an addictive love for ballsy, offbeat, eye-catching, branding. 

AND THEN one blistery Chicago day, we both woke up complaining about what a shame it was that so few brands used fun as a sales tactic. We had each spent years helping businesses stand out strategically and creatively and time after time our favorite weapon was humor. It became embarrassingly obvious that we should stop harping and create an agency that helped people see the power of humor and the potency of fun as marketing tools. Thus, by our powers combined, Obedient Agency was born. When we’re not creating murals, branding cups, or whipping up art ad-stillations, we’re trying to keep up with our dogs, Mokey and Puffin, and co-hosting our erotic Harry Potter fanfic podcast (The Potterotica Podcast). Yes, you read that right. We stand by the truth that fun sells and that if you can make people laugh, you can make them do anything. AND WE MEAN ANYTHING.

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