Fun sells.
*Ted Talk voice*
Approximately 0% of people hate fun.

It’s true. Just peep the brands that get all the attention. 
Or the products that sell out. Or the billboards your friends screenshot.

They all did something unexpected. Something unconventional. 
Something fun as balls.

And—doy—so can you. 
We stand by the truth that you 
can’t spell fun without FU 
(our name is Obedient after all—because we want to teach you
 to do the opposite with your business.)

And not trying to brag, but we’re really good at DGAF fun (our parents are really proud)...which helps brands be really good at selling stuff. 


We'll help you craft a strategy and copy that makes not taking yourself too seriously 
a serious foundation for growth—your clients won’t see it coming and 
you won’t see them going.

Here’s what we know after over a decade in the biz: nothing is more irresistible than
 a brand doing their own thing on their own terms in a way that’s true to them and 
doesn’t follow the pack. It’s g*ddamn catnip.

And the truth about your website? You don’t have more than a few seconds to 
impress people. We’re all a bunch of savages who are inundated all day with a 
bunch of flashy images and words, so we basically have the attention 
span of a two-year-old.
So the words you sling are the 
difference between a sale and a sigh.

And if you’re anything like any other business owner across the land — 
you wanna sell your shit. So, this is your one stop shop for eye-opening, unexpected, 
witty copy that will make your competitors furious with envy.

And since it’s not just how you say it, but why you say it, 
we provide the brand strategy piece too.
How we do
The strategy will start via our fancy questionnaire to help you concoct sharper, 
smarter ideas, a tight niche, a clear message, so we can turn that 
jazz into words. Then you'll hop on a vid call with Allie for some 
tough-but seriously she's really nice and knows her shit-love; whipping 
well-intentioned concepts into standout slants. Translation: initial creative direction 
so there's a 0-percent chance you'll end up a sheep among shepherds.

From there Lyndsay takes on the dark art of copywriting. 
She’s got a decade’s worth of experience, plus an extensive wine collection to aid in 
drafting upweb copy that will fully represent the best, shiniest you and make your 
customers jump right into your arms.

SO. Whether you’re building a brand new site and the thought of writing the whole 
thing makes you want to move to Cuba OR you’re staring at your current website 
embarrassed at how tame, lame or just off your messaging is OR some wild place in 
between. WE GOT YOU. 

The process is quick and dirty — and if you do your part 
(tell us who your people are, what they want most, and how you’re going to give 
it to them) then we’ll take your nuts and bolts and build a damn masterpiece.

At the end of the day our mantra is: 
why fit the mold when that expression has the word mold in it? Ew.

Holler at us
Strategy call + brainstorm
Unlimited Edits (within reason, people)

Click the button below to tell us your deepest, darkest secrets—errr...project scope— 
and we'll whip up a custom estimate for ya.


P.S. Don’t be surprised/mad if you have to wait a month or two—things fill up fast!
Meet the brands that let us have our way with them.
Just because our approach is lighthearted doesn’t mean 
we aren’t industry heavyweights
Allie comes from the strategy + startup world and Lyndsay hails from the comedy + copywriting world, but we both share an addictive love for ballsy, offbeat, eye-catching marketing. We’ve each spent years helping businesses stand out strategically and creatively and time after time our favorite weapon was humor. AND THEN one blistery Chicago day (AKA every day’s weather from November-March), we came to the realization that it was simply bonkers to work any other way. 

Thus, by our powers combined, Obedient was born—rooted in power of humor and the potency of fun.

Not just because those other tame marketing tactics weren’t enjoyable, but because they weren’t effective. When we’re not, helping brands create swimmable gold vaults a la Scrooge McDuck, we’re trying to keep up with our dogs, Mokey and Puffin, and co-hosting our erotic Harry Potter fanfic podcast, The Potterotica Podcast. Yes, you read that right.  

We stand by the truth that fun sells and that if you can make people laugh, you can make them do anything. 


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