We created Obedient for
pretty simple reason:

To help two dogs and a cat make the treacherous and thrilling journey through the California wilderness to find their way back home.

Wait, that’s the plot for the 1993 cinematic masterpiece, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.

The real reason we started this creative agency is because Fun Sells®.

It’s the most effective way to get consumers to pay you attention—as well as other forms of currency that banks accept.

As the first agency on planet earth to specialize in humor (we can’t and we won’t speak for businesses on other planets), our unrivaled approach is how we habitually launch brands, products, and ideas that spread like wildfire.

Animation of Idea Guy, the Bear starting Wildfires

Meet the two women
who are making a joke
out of branding and advertising.

Hi, we’re Allie LeFevere and Lyndsay Sanders—or as our friends refuse to call us, “The Bad Girls of Branding.” As experts in branding and comedy, we’ve been thinking partners for nearly a decade; solving creative problems for noteworthy brands through highly-strategic, wildly-unexpected product launches and campaigns. To put it in a more bumper sticker-y way:

If content is king,
we’re the court jesters.

Adorably, we also happen to be best friends. And not “best friends” in the way you’re supposed to claim on your About Page, but more like when twin babies hold hands in ultrasound pictures. When we’re cooking up ridiculous ideas for brands like Native, Blue Bunny, or The Dallas Cowboys, we regularly pinch ourselves that we get to laugh for a living. In our softer moments, we feel honored to create things that bring more levity into the world and leave people better than it found them. And in our leather jacket moments, we feel aggressively proud of every single piece of work we produce.

Orange arrow pointing down.
Obedient | Humor Branding & Marketing Agency - Photo of Allie LeFevere and Lyndsay Sanders.
Obedient | Humor Branding & Marketing Agency - Illustrated Photo Strip of Gary the Intern, Rob the Robot, and Bigfoot
Obedient | Humor Branding & Marketing Agency - Dream Team

Our offices are located in Chicago and Nashville, but we have a deep bench of seasoned creatives from all across the globe that we collaborate with on projects. When it comes to the quality of our work—online, offline, punchlines—you can rest assured that the Obedient team will meet your goals (and then take your goals out for margaritas, and eventually become your goals’ Maid of Honor).

The way we see it, standing out isn’t a matter of taste, it’s a matter of survival.

(And if anyone knows survival more than Chance, Sassy, and Shadow, it’s us.)

Animation of an illustration of a magic 8 ball with "Outlook (very, very) good" on it.