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From launch to global expansion, we’ve helped brands across all industries and stages skyrocket to fame.

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“Obedient produced amazing, thoughtful work—there were so many great naming options that we were excited about. We especially loved the flavor names; they made us all laugh. Every asset was perfect, you nailed it.”

—Igor German, Senior Manager, Innovation & New Ventures @ Wells Enterprises, Inc. (Blue Bunny, Halo Top, Bomb Pop)
“We developed this campaign with Obedient, a creative agency that helps companies infuse humor into brand messaging. The goal here was to create educational, entertaining content with the power to make people smile, laugh, engage with the brand, and feel excited about Native. I’m so thrilled with how the entire campaign came together—it’s so fun, the content is amazing, and the experience working with Obedient has been a breeze.”
—Meng Li, VP of Marketing at Native
“Obedient did an amazing job. I am their newest, biggest fan”
—Josh Krumholz, Founder of Mesa Puzzle and Evn

“Woohooooo!!! A HUGE thank you to Obedient for everything, I’m absolutely blown away. All that’s left to do is share a toast and bask in the glory of the exceptional work!”

—Sara Serritella, Director of Communications at the Institute for Translational Medicine (a National Institute partner)

“Not sure if it is forbidden to gush this much publicly, but I can’t help myself. Everything Obedient created for us has been an enormous hit—really, really solid, beautiful work!

—Drea Groeschel, Founder & CEO at Better Than Booze

“The Obedient team really did a great job for us and gave us so much copy gold. Months later and we’re still uncovering hilarious one-liners that are somehow more relevant than ever, still nails us, and are still effing funny.

—Mike O’Hagan, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer at JOI

“We were really looking to go beyond the norm and embrace humor for this year’s holiday campaign, so we were really leaning into the Obedient team to help us dial everything up to a ten. The campaign concepts they presented had us legitimately laughing out loud and we loved both of them so much that instead of running just one, as planned, we brought both to life. They were definitely a hit with our customers!

—Mary Beth Lytle, Senior Management Advisor of Digital Advertising and Content at ABC Fine Wine & Liquor

“We saw great results from Obedient’s work with our sister brand, Choice Organics, so we knew they were the right agency to help us drive new customers to our legacy products. We couldn’t be happier with the ad campaign.

—Niki Inouye, Global Senior Marketing Manager at East West Tea Company (Yogi Tea, Choice Organics)

“Crushed. Destroyed. Everything you created is perfect and exactly what we were looking for and hoping for.

—Matt Matros, CoFounder of Shopflix and Founder of Limitless Coffee and Protein Bar

“Everything is hilarious! Excellent work, you killed it.

—Jake Worby, Founder of USAG

“I am absolutely amazed/shocked/dead. This is incredible. Thank you both!!

—Whitney Tran, Principal Consultant, GoGuardian

“THRILLED. I love every single word of the copy. You gals are the best!

—Jennifer Haddow, Founder of Wild Women Expeditions

“I love you two and all the incredible work you did for us! :)

—Scott Drews, Principal Managing Partner at Rally Labs Holdings and Promotion Activators

“This is just excellent, thank you gals! You’ve taken our chicken scratch concepting and brought it all to life. I’m so happy with everything and have read and re-read it all 100x over so THANK YOU. #applause #confetti #thankyouagain Also, my mom likes it too, ha!

—Lindsey Kilbride, CoFounder of Shopflix

“My practice has EXPLODED in the best way and people have been LOVING all my new branding. They are going to flip over my new website.

—Dr. Sasha Heinz