Better Than Booze

How do you successfully launch a THC & CBD social beverage if your target audience is reluctant to try the very ingredient that makes it so amazing? You hire us, that’s what.


Brand Language System, Product Descriptions, Web Copy, Packaging Copy, Tagline

The Backstory

Better Than Booze burst through our saloon doors needing a way to make their new-category find—and sway—the right audience. Besides spiked seltzers, their largest competitor was simply the misconception about hemp, so we needed to create branding that was educational and entertaining so that consumers would understand what they were imbibing…and why. From brand voice to tagline to web copy to packaging copy, we introduced this “social drink with no downside” all while making the whole thing feel like a rager. (Okay, less of a rager more of a party.) (Okay less of a party, more of a get together.)


We bellied up to the branding bar and distilled (pun intended) BTB’s key value proposition and core differentiator into one memorable, intoxicating tagline. As often happens on our tagline projects, they fell in love with a handful of other tagline options and purchased them for use across their other branding efforts. (Some favorites: 1) Highly spirited, 2) Hangovers have left the party, 3) A splash of happy in every can.)

Product Descriptions & Packaging Copy

Next, it was time to describe the specific SKU flavors and the euphoric feeling of the beverage and then leverage that into eye-catching package copy. Since each flavor is modeled after an iconic cocktail, we leveraged the core tagline to reference those familiar ingredients For example, the Paloma flavor has the hero headline of: Hold the tequila, keep the buzz. The device was clear, clever, and made the finer details go down smooth and help the packaging leap off the shelf.

Web Copy

Our aim with the website was to craft messaging that effectively introduces consumers to “the best buzz you’ve never had.” We used a witty, warm tone of voice to make the scientific and legal information about the ingredients approachable and showcase the brand as trustworthy. The overall outcome was a brand story that pulls back the curtain, dispels any fears, endears the consumer to the brand, and stirs up excitement to try the drink. We’ll drink to that.

“Not sure if it is forbidden to gush this much publicly, but I can’t help myself. Everything Obedient created for us has been an enormous hit—really, really solid, beautiful work! ”

—Drea Groeschel, Co-Founder and CEO at Better Than Booze

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