Keep your pants on, but we created a brand for this fertility consultancy that brings refreshing, relatable levity to a heavy topic.


Brand Voice & Identity, Business Name, Social Media, Web Copy, Web Design, Marketing Collateral

The Backstory

Fertility consulting is not typically a service where “fun” is the first word you think of. But we knew if anyone could give preconception planning an upbeat, cheeky, rebrand, it was us. We created a Brand Voice and Identity that employs a lightly-unfiltered, playful tone in order to bring levity and approachability to an otherwise stressful, clinical, and overwhelming subject. We designed this identity to be one who would crack (oh god, we couldn’t help it) an eye-rolling egg joke, post an edgy photo, call out their audience’s penchant for frantic googling, while also maintaining a tone of authority (because, frankly, one has to have deep knowledge about a subject in order to joke about it).. From website messaging and design, to social media initiative to marketing collateral, Concēv stands out as a ray of light, a sigh of relief and a welcome smile in their industry. Meet: Enlightened + holistic methods before sperm + egg. Let’s make a baby, shall we?

Business Naming

When the client came to us, their business was just a gleam in their eye, so we knew first things first we needed a name. Of course, the obvious comparison is that naming a business is almost as hard as naming a baby, so we spent several weeks determining exactly the direction this brand wanted to go in, who they needed to speak to, and options that would best communicate what they do, while also indicating that things are going to be modern and sexy. Thus, Concēv was born.

Concev logo in front of clouds.


From design to copy, we birthed (sorry) a fresh, modern, and empowering website into the world—one that allowed the brand to elevate far (far) above the clinical feel of others in their industry. With sexy photography, playful visual flare, and lines like Baby planning that’s almost as much fun as the babymaking), Concēv’s new site positioned their service as uniquely human, which appealed to a whole new segment of men and women on this arduous, confusing journey.

Screenshot from Concev website.
Screenshot from Concev website.
Screenshot from Concev website.
Screenshot from Concev website.
Screenshot from Concev website.
Screenshot from Concev website.
Screenshot from Concev website.

Marketing Collateral

The client loved a line from the website, “Let’s make a baby,” so much that we centralized it as the core hook for her business cards, social media bios, and marketing leave-behinds. It is attention grabbing, has the right tone of voice and brand energy, and opens the door to seamless introduction of the service’s features, benefits, and industry distinctions.

Concev business card mockup.
Square banner for Concev with the words, "Give a F*ck before you (well, you get it.)"
Square banner for Concev with the words, "When it comes to fertility your other holes matter too."
Square banner for Concev with the words, "Busting Men's health myths before you bust a nut."
Square banner for Concev with the words, "Get his sperm ready for when the time (and he) comes."
Marketing Collateral for Concev.
Marketing Collateral for Concev.

“Hiring Obedient has to be one of the best business decisions I’ve made to date. When I reached out to them, I had no brand to speak of, and they gave my business a name, a voice, a personality, a vibe—everything. It’s hard to put into words how much their ideas improved my initial vision…but that’s why they’re the writers, not me haha.”

—Tina Krupczak, Founder & CEO of Concev

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