Call us storks because we helped successfully deliver (okay, launch) a diaper backpack in an oversaturated market to overwhelmed new parents using two messaging tactics humor boasts: empathy and candor.


Brand Voice & Identity, Tagline, Web Copy

The Backstory

Or should we say backpackstory? (We shouldn’t). For this project, we knew that the brand voice and language needed to be as unique as the product itself—avoiding the industry trend of being either too precious and cheesy (parenting is magical!), or too boring (branding that would put even colicky babies to sleep). From tagline to product descriptions to new website copy, we cemented a point of view for Huhu, fine-tuned their key differentiation points, and then brought that all to life with vibrant, realistic, and fun messaging.

Web Copy

When you’re a new-to-market brand, you only have a few moments to keep someone from clicking off of your website. Enter: the above-average, laser-focused, refreshingly-candid web copy  we created for Huhu. We brought dynamism and relatability to the forefront—addressing the pain points and identity shift that our key consumer group of new parents were experiencing—to make at least one choice they’ll be facing an easy one: which diaper bag to buy.

“Allie and Lyndsay are fantastic to work with. They are creative, funny and open to feedback and collaboration. They are also reliable, organized, and delivered everything on time and in accordance to the agreed upon SOW.

Now that I’ve worked with more people who are perpetually late on deliverables, I have really come to appreciate partners who follow the agreed-upon timelines.  All of the copy was great and fits perfectly with my product and will work in a lot of different environments. I’m so thrilled I had the opportunity to work with them again.”

—Meng Li, Founder @ Huhu

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