Yogi Tea

The tea? Shifting brand voice on social media so that a younger, hot-beverage-loving generation would sip what this household name brand was pouring. (All without ever using outdated slang like we did back there. That was a test.)


Brand Voice & Identity, Digital Advertising

Illustration of a Mug with a face

The Backstory

Who said being zen meant being boring? Not us and not Yogi Tea. Yep, when the name of the game is getting a product on the lips of key consumers (literally and figuratively, in this brand’s case) we had to tip ourselves over and pour out fresh, funny, memorable creative assets that turn lukewarm consumers into piping hot fans. And yes that was a Little Teapot reference, you are very welcome. This specific project targeted Yogi Tea’s Walmart sales and thanks to our strategically-humorous approach, we were able to bring seven premium SKUs into the spotlight and increased product trial and purchase.

Digital Advertising

For this 15-part campaign, we focused our core messages on flavor, function, and quality—leveraging two main voices: 1) Playful & Clever (a nod to that Oatly voice you liked), and 2) Confident & Intriguing (the approach we discussed on our call last week).  In order to avoid getting into any legal hot water, we had to be extra clever with any efficacy claims we made—so we relied on  universal experiences, candid references, and entertaining metaphors to get the benefits across. You know us, we love outwitting creative challenges. The digital campaign included hero headlines, product descriptions, and a campaign tagline—and across every component we stirred the tea pot (ahem, activated consumers) with entertainment, urgency, and intrigue.

Mango Ginger

Peach Detox

Honey Lavender

Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life

Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy

Rich and Robust Morning Vitality

Favorites Variety Pack

“We saw great results from Obedient’s work with our sister brand, Choice Organics, so we knew they were the right agency to help us drive new customers to our legacy products. We couldn’t be happier with the ad campaign.”

—Niki Inouye, Global Senior Marketing Manager, @ Yogi Tea

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