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It is claaaaasic Chickenshit behavior to be like, ACTUALLY, we are very serious experts so we’re just going to stick to stale, stuffy marketing thankyouverymuch. *Takes a sip from lukewarm tea.*These are the type of people who mistakenly believe that you cannot simultaneously gain authority and have a rip-roaring good time; who think that you can’t get your point across and get your consumer laughing.

PLOT TWIST, LOSERS: Humor is simply truth having fun. It makes you laugh and makes you think. Or as we obsessively splash on every web page possible: unexpected + unorthodox = unforgettable.

Chickenshits would rather not make a splash, wait it out, blend in, do what everyone else is doing, and hope that by some dark magic, droves of people will discover their business. To them we say: LOL, good luck, and good night.

But to everyone else? Be the smartest cookie in the box and use the tool that your competitors are overlooking; the tactic that busts down doors while busting guts; the method that entertains and endears your ideal folks. (In case you haven’t been listening, we’re talking about being fun ‘n funny in your messaging and marketing.)

A closing reminder: despite what the boring haters will say, humor is effective for every business. Laughter is a universally-enjoyed thing, and using it in your marketing + messaging can take so many forms—from witty to edgy to silly to absurd and back again (to name a few). We’ve used humor for clients who specialize in very serious things: like Childhood trauma, Multiple Sclerosis, Grief. And the reason it works is because it breaks down barriers, it gets inside people’s heads and says, “Hey, I GET IT.”

So, don’t be a Chickenshit and think that the only way to use fun + humor in your brand would be to host a prank show or throw a pie in someone’s face or make a bad pun. Things that are truly funny are usually a hell of a lot smarter than that.

(Note: Allie and Lyndsay are split on the ‘genius’ of prank shows. Feel free to let us know which side you’re on.)

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