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We created this space to share our insights, opinions, creative exercises, and because our web developer told us we needed it for SEO.

(Mostly the first part.) (Okay, half and half.)

The Chickenshit Epidemic


The mindfuckery of getting your business in the spotlight and why most people don’t: Using fun and humor to market your business can be uncomfortable. Yes, even if you think you’re really “ready,” even if you’ve seen other brands do funny, exciting, bold, edgy things and you’ve LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. But.   When ...

Chickenshits Worry That No One Will “Get It.”


“No one understands me!” is the plight of the satirized “creative.” This tender-ego’d, ‘innovator’ who wants to make cool, epic shit that’s adored by the masses. Chickenshits are a lot like these green, insecure artists: they only think it’s successful if EVERYONE gets it. They stay up at night worried that if they make that ...

Chickenshits Don’t Think Humor Is Worth It


It is claaaaasic Chickenshit behavior to be like, ACTUALLY, we are very serious experts so we’re just going to stick to stale, stuffy marketing thankyouverymuch. *Takes a sip from lukewarm tea.*These are the type of people who mistakenly believe that you cannot simultaneously gain authority and have a rip-roaring good time; who think that you ...

Chickenshits Forget That Fun = Confidence


Chickenshits LOVE to, well, shit on things. That’s because it takes zero guts to be critical. It takes no creativity to pile on and be a hater. What does take guts? Having fun. Nothing denotes confidence like someone letting loose, laughing, having a blast. This is true of marketing as well, natch. So when you ...

Chickenshits Won’t Pivot


There should be a greeting card for business owners that says Congrats on your failure, AKA: Congrats on learning what doesn’t work...so you’re closer to finding out what does. Congrats on discovering that rejection doesn’t kill you. Congrats on realizing you’re actually NOT out of ideas. There’s a common expression that comes to mind here ...

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