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Gary here, comin’ at you live from the field, or as I’ve now coined the operation: The #Garylog. I don’t know where to put that pound sign but looks cool huh? Maybe Obedient is rubbing off on me with my catchy mission name, but don’t tell my boss; I’m 78% sure he would NOT like it. I’ve got all my gear lined up for my another full day of spy work: 3 Lunchables, my underwater watch (you never know), a harmonica, and a notebook. Dale makes fun of me for buying wide ruled notebooks, but my elegant, swooping cursive won’t fit in any other kind, so, as they say: c’est la vie.

Today’s #Garylog: Today I observed a team brainstorm about their new client: a food delivery app. Boy if there’s anything I know well it’s dining at home for one. Reading their campaign ideas was like getting my soul read. Honestly, I’m feeling a little emotional.

Here are some of their brainstorm jokes that I could make out from zooming way in with my Binocs:

  • Craving wontons but don’t wonton put any clothes on? That’s our cue.

  • Because you’re wearing athleisure but feeling ath-lazy. Say no more.

  • Sometimes it’s impossible to get a table anywhere but your kitchen. Here for ya.

  • When it’s dead cold outside so you’re dead on the inside. We got you.

  • Hungry for falafel, but looking fal-awful? Meet the new private dining.

  • Get a double espresso without getting trampled by a double stroller. Coffee, delivered.

Had to stop spying cuz their ideas were making me hungry. BRB goin’ ham on my Lunchables (which, funny enough, are ham!).

Until next time, Gar

PS: Sorry for the scare last week. My boss still wants me to keep an eye on Obedient and suss out how and why humor is working so well. Wait…keep a private eye on them! ROFLOL. Woah, I might be getting funnier via osmosis to these people. Again, please don’t tell my boss.

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