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Hi, friends! Can you tell we’re asking and answering the questions around here? It’s our blog and we’ll cry lead the witness if we want to.

We spend a lot of time slaying the Bad Opinion Dragons that argue that humor, wit, and fun get in the way of clarity. Our simplest of rebuttals is: that’s because you’re not doing it right. Our follow-up rebuttal is a classic advertising quote that goes a little something like this: “All marketing is unwanted, so if you’re going to crash the party, bring champagne.” A great little example of using creativity to spice up some microcopy is this opt-in language we developed for our client, U Suck at Golf: 10% off to the next person who fills this out

This may seem like small potatoes—especially from a firm that just finished work with a global tea company (*cough, cough, brag, brag*)—but when we take on a project, we care about the whole enchilada (this is becoming a delicious meal, btw) and we vehemently believe that every consumer touchpoint matters and deserves a creative strategy. What’s more, we pay special attention to friction points in the sales process. And signing up for emails/SMS is a huge one. When you can put a smile on your consumer’s face, it is highly likely that they feel more endeared to you. That rapport is the gateway drug to engagement and loyalty.

Of course, you can’t stop there. What happens once they’re on your email list? What is that first welcome email like? What about subsequent ones? These fine details are exactly the messaging pieces that too many brands ignore. Which is exactly what your competitors want you to do. DUN DUN DUN.

*thinly veiled threat* Sounds like you should tag hire us before they do.

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