One hour, 22 one-liners about 7-Eleven

Did seeing the words “7-Eleven” cause your mouth to instantly water for Doritos or Laffy Taffy or a Slurpee? Hark! the power of the 7-Eleven brand. That, and it’s usually the last thing open when you need something weird or tasty or buzzy. BUT HEY, POWER IS POWER. We chose this brand as ur final Read more

One hour, 20 one-liners about pet adoption

This one went off the rails fast but funny ideas usually do, right? RIGHT? We chose pet adoption organizations as the theme for today’s challenge because we both have rescue pups hence are better than you. The rules, in case you haven’t been reading, ugh: 1 brand or product A firestorm of one-liner campaign concepts Read more

Oh shit, you’re boring.

You walk into a room with two doors —door #1 says, “Hi, I’m a door,” and door #2 says, “The party’s in here and yes, there is a queso fountain.” It’s a no brainer which door you’re opening, correct? Busted: this a metaphor for the words you use to market your business.  Why, pray tell, Read more

The Chickenshit Epidemic

The mindfuckery of getting your business in the spotlight and why most people don’t: Using fun and humor to market your business can be uncomfortable. Yes, even if you think you’re really “ready,” even if you’ve seen other brands do funny, exciting, bold, edgy things and you’ve LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. But.   When Read more