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We created this space to share our insights, opinions, creative exercises, and because our web developer told us we needed it for SEO.

(Mostly the first part.) (Okay, half and half.)

3 Reasons You Should Have a Brand Mascot

2023-08-16T00:13:32-04:00Must Reads|

Our prediction: mascots are about to have a major resurgence. (And obviously, we’re here for it: we have 12.)   Here's why we think mascots—when developed and deployed correctly—make killer spokespeople for your brand. 1. Mascots serve as a ‘third party’ mouthpiece to shamelessly sing your product’s praises. 2. Mascots heighten brand recognition, awareness, and memorability. 3. You can ...

Things About Our Humor Marketing Agency That Just Make Sense

2023-08-17T00:40:51-04:00Must Reads|

1. The author of our welcome email sequence is a fictional, 63-year-old social media intern named Gary Larry. 2. Our #1 lead generator is the improvised branding show, “Can They Brand That?” where we race the clock to come up with elaborate campaign ideas. 3. The contact page on our website features a banana dolphin frolicking in the ocean. You either get it or you don’t. 4. All our client communication ...

What happens to a consumer’s brain when a brand makes them laugh?

2023-08-15T13:35:56-04:00Ask OA, Must Reads|

Turns out, some pretty incredible things, such as: Dopamine floods the reward center of the brain; causing deeper levels of focus and long-term retention. Oxytocin (the trust hormone) is released; creating a heightened sense of trust, reassurance, and loyalty. Cortisol is lowered and endorphins are triggered, thus lowering stress and generating euphoric feelings. A positive ...

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