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You know how when you were little and trying to get your mom’s attention while she was busy, you’d be all, “Mom. Mom. mom. MOM. MAMA. Mommy. Mooooom,” and somehow, despite your volume, she’d completely ignore you? That’s a lot like trying to speak to your customers with cliche, industry-tired language.

Unless you’re in the business of archery or tap dancing or placenta pills, you’re likely in a pretty saturated industry. Which means there are words and phrases and expressions that EVERY ONE OF YOUR COMPETITORS is slinging ad nauseam. These words have now lost their meaning to your audience, so if you’re using them in your branding and marketing with hopes that they’ll be compelling? THINK AGAIN, NERD.

No matter how loud you are, using trite, expected language implies that you’re out of touch, not growing, not innovating, not listening. Contrary to their name, buzzwords don’t really create a buzz. In fact they create a yawn. Or an annoyed eye roll.

We have an exercise in our Laugh Labs called ‘Forbidden Words,’ where we help businesses list out all of the words that are overused in their industry and create fresh, funny, new one to use instead.  It’s such a simple way to upgrade how your speak—and appeal—to your audience.

It’s like a 4 year old switching tactics and calling their mom “BRENDA!”

You better believe that’ll get her attention.

Illustration of Ants with Breadcrumbs

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