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Sheesh, You’re Boring

We created this space to share our insights, opinions, creative exercises, and because our web developer told us we needed it for SEO.

(Mostly the first part.) (Okay, half and half.)

Sheesh, you’re boring.

2023-06-05T16:59:31-04:00Sheesh, You're Boring|

You walk into a room with two doors —door #1 says, “Hi, I’m a door,” and door #2 says, “The party’s in here and yes, there is a queso fountain.” It’s a no brainer which door you’re opening, correct? Busted: this a metaphor for the words you use to market your business.  Why, pray tell, ...

Sheesh, you’re long-winded.

2023-06-05T16:59:35-04:00Sheesh, You're Boring|

We’ve all been to a website or read an Instagram caption that went on and on (and on) when they could’ve distilled what they do (and why people should care) into a succinct soundbite or story. That sound you just heard was someone clicking to the next headline. Or x-ing out of your website. Or ...

Sheesh, you’re inconsistent.

2023-06-05T16:59:39-04:00Sheesh, You're Boring|

In the cinematic classic, Man of the House, the title character Ben (played by none other than Jonathan Taylor Thomas), and his mom (the iconic Farrah Fawcett) collect beach trash, I mean, “found objects” for their evolving art collage. If you’re yelling GUYS, WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH HUMOR MARKETING? Thanks for the ...

Sheesh, your language is cliche.

2023-06-05T17:02:06-04:00Sheesh, You're Boring|

You know how when you were little and trying to get your mom’s attention while she was busy, you’d be all, “Mom. Mom. mom. MOM. MAMA. Mommy. Mooooom,” and somehow, despite your volume, she’d completely ignore you? That’s a lot like trying to speak to your customers with cliche, industry-tired language. Unless you’re in the ...

Sheesh, you’re dated.

2023-06-05T17:02:43-04:00Sheesh, You're Boring|

Hello 911? Yes, a major brand just used “bae” on a billboard. Please send someone as fast as you can I’m really scared. Nothing is more ineffective than businesses trying to seem “cool and fun” by forcing themselves to implement pop culture references and slang into their messaging. Many of us lived through the traumatic ...

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