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We’ve all been to a website or read an Instagram caption that went on and on (and on) when they could’ve distilled what they do (and why people should care) into a succinct soundbite or story. That sound you just heard was someone clicking to the next headline. Or x-ing out of your website. Or literally yawning.

And sure, this is often a well-meaning mistake—you care deeply about what you’re doing and you want people to really get it.

But more is not more. Strong brands know themselves, know their schtick, and know how to pack all of that into a punch…so that customers stick around, listen up, and give a damn.

In fact, the right one-liner can do more heavy lifting than a 4 page about section. A funny header can entice someone to keep reading about your product. You don’t need 10,000 words when you have 10 that fucking crush.

This is where we insert a statistic about how short consumers’ attention spans are these days. As you well know, you have mere seconds to hook them, so it better be good (and fun and funny and catchy and laser-focused).

As we once spray painted onto a building: standing out isn’t a matter of taste, it’s a matter of survival. So, don’t waste your breath on a long-winded message—your smart consumers know hot air when they see it.

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