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The mindfuckery of getting your business in the spotlight and why most people don’t: Using fun and humor to market your business can be uncomfortable. Yes, even if you think you’re really “ready,” even if you’ve seen other brands do funny, exciting, bold, edgy things and you’ve LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.


When it’s time to do it with your pwecious widdle business? When it’s time to actually demand the attention you deserve? Most people don’t have the guts.

These people are chickenshit.

They are afraid of standing out, scared of the risk, worried about sounding different than everyone else. But as Steve Jobs yelled into the bathroom mirror every morning, no guts, no glory.  (This anecdote has been fabricated for our own pleasure and benefit.)

This is the chickenshit epidemic. And over the next several weeks we will alert you to the symptoms you need to confront if you’re going to make your brand stand out; the hard truths you need to face if you want to escape this plague of mediocrity. And we know you do.

Because what waits on the other side isn’t just all the fun, it’s all the sales.

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