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Gary here, and I only have time for a quick dispatch because I completely forgot about Dale’s Tae Kwon Do match this afternoon. Last time I missed it he made me buy him an Arby’s prepaid debit card (didn’t even know they made those!) so that he could buy himself curly fries whenever he wanted. So, I can’t afford to miss it again—fiscally and emotionally.

From my perch atop this small hill outside their office, The Obedient team seems to be really busy and it must be noted that they high five a lot more than one would expect. The biggest thing I spied upon is that they’re officially expanding and adding design into their in-house bag of tricks. Ohhhhhh boy.

Fun sidenote: When I was 19, I wanted to become a professional magician, so I paid our neighbor to embroider “Bag O’ Tricks” on all of my duffel bags for my performances. Long story short: I’m no longer allowed to practice magic in the state of IL. Yes, mice were involved. No, I can’t legally disclose the details.

Back to Obedient, my boss is going to burst another blood vessel in his neck because design is basically the only thing he thought he might have on them from a competitive standpoint. But the other night when I was wearing full-on night vision goggles and a kimono, I saw an email draft open on Allie’s computer discussing how even the sharpest, funniest message can lose their luster if used amidst ugly, tame, lame design. It went on to say how things like typography, color, images, and illustrations have the power to heighten jokes and entice audiences and it used the phrase ‘humor design.’ Truth be told those two words sent chills down my spine more than the time I jokingly called 911 because my second wife Monica drank all of my eggnog. It was supposed to be funny but everyone involved was super steamed.

Allow me to say the obvious: the crap has officially hit the fan for me and my boss. Gotta scram and head to TKD (Tae Kwon Do, silly!) and support Dale (even though he hates the cheer I made up for him). I’ll have to face my boss with this bad news in the morning.

Until then! Gar

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