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Long before you’re thinking about microphones, software, sound editing, marketing, RSS feeds, Patreon, and all of the insane amount of details and work involved in launching a podcast…these are some brutally honest questions to ask yourself when coming up with a podcast concept.

  1. Are any other podcasts covering my show’s central topic (E.g. politics, personal branding, Bravo recaps, dating)?

  2. If yes (highly likely), what angle am I going to take on this topic that is fresh, unique, and noteworthy? (This is arguably the most important question to answer.)

  3. If no, is it a topic with a built-in audience who is hungry for information or entertainment about it?

  4. How difficult is it to aggregate or create content for each episode? (Determine if you have the bandwidth to heavily produce shows or if you should restructure so that the format of the show is replicable and intuitive.)

  5. How reliant am I on guests for the content of the show? (If very reliant, make sure you have a strategy for pitching and acquiring them.)

  6. How comfortable am I with my expertise on the topic? (Determine ahead of time the type of pushback/objectives to anticipate regarding your POV’s limitations and/or the potential need to further your education on the matter.)

  7. Does my show’s premise and subject matter have longevity? (Ask yourself this in terms of shelf-life/relevance but also in terms of your enjoyment of doing the show episode after episode.)

  8. Will this podcast drive my brand (personal or business) forward in a meaningful and tangible way? (It’s helpful to name the specific ways you think it will do so in order to measure success and determine viability.)

That may have stung a little, but hopefully it’ll save you time (and frustration and money) down the road.

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