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This may feel akin to when influencers claim that, “a lot of you have been asking me about my skincare routine” in order to promote their products, but when your work is featured in a full-page ad in the Sunday edition of The New York Times…you throw humility out the window.

You read that correctly: Obedient conceptualized and wrote a full-page ad for Native that was in the mother bleeping New York Times. *Pause as we unfurl our Ancient Scroll Of Outstanding Agency Achievements and add a new entry*

Here she is in all of her hilarious, attention-snagging glory.

Other notable things from this massive, fall campaign that we directed for Native—for your scrolling and clicking enjoyment:

  • The #PumpkinSpiceLatteGetsRoasted campaign was picked up by AdWeek who called it a “playful,” “snarky sendoff.”

  • The Drum also covered it and donned the campaign as “entertaining” “fanfare”

  • The satirical Press Release we wrote about the campaign made waves in the media (our favorite parts are tied with the Michael Jordan reference and the Jack O’ Lantern statement needing to be read after dark).

  • The Roast Jokes we developed were the central focus of an SMS campaign push (that we also wrote all of the copy for) designed to increase consumer opt-ins. Here’s a quick hit of our favorites:  This one, this one, and this one.

  • The 14 day stunt campaign perfectly paved the way for a remarkably successful launch of Native’s new fall Coffee Haus collection—of which we also handled all of the launch messaging (website copy, SMS campaign, promotional emails, fragrance descriptions, press release, hot takes, social ads, social videos).

At the end of the day the only group of people who were not pleased with the campaign launch and content performance were the diehard, PSL scent-heads whose pits won’t get to smell like pumpkin this year. And we’re perfectly okay with that.

—The Obedient team

P.S. We’ll leave you with a media quote from Native’s Vice President of Marketing, Meng Li (Meng, if you’re reading this, hi!!), that warms our hearts and encapsulates why we do what we do: “We wanted to create some entertaining content to hopefully make our consumers smile and have a few good chuckles. It’s been a long and difficult year and half with the pandemic — we could all use some laughs right about now.”

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