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You walk into a room with two doors —door #1 says, “Hi, I’m a door,” and door #2 says, “The party’s in here and yes, there is a queso fountain.” It’s a no brainer which door you’re opening, correct?

Busted: this a metaphor for the words you use to market your business.  Why, pray tell, would someone be interested in your product if you’re uninteresting in the way you talk about it? Why would they choose you over the other guys if you all sound the same? Why would they walk through a dull, lackluster door when there’s a queso party happening across the room?

Simple answer: they won’t.

When you’re a fun brand, you make people feel good. You bring a smile to their face when they least expected it. You delight them into remembering why your business is so damn incredible. You jump out of the cake of their expectations and start dancing. (Now they get a treat AND a show!)

In a nutshell, you stop coming off so thirsty—or worse—boring.

Because here’s the deal: Nice brands don’t finish last, boring ones do. Fun + humor are a surefire ways to communicate that something cool is waiting for them behind your door. And that’s when your audience rushes the stage to buy what you’re sellin’.

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


[Footnote: This is the first of our “Oh shit, you’re boring” series. We’ll be breaking down the top culprits that may be keeping you in the land of the bland and sales-less. Buckle up!]

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