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We have a billboard nemesis in our neighborhood. We won’t name names, but it simply says, “America’s most innovative real estate company.” Every time we see it we howl mournfully like wolves at a distant moon.

Among the many flaws (what is less innovative than standard, outdoor signage, for one?) this business let their ego get in the way of an engaging message. Ego says, “Look at this shiny feature!” and Empathy says, “Here’s how this feature will impact your life.”

Because the question on those potential clients’ minds is: “What the f do you even mean by ‘innovative’? And more importantly, how will your ‘innovation’ help me?”

The better, less-boring way? Hone in on a benefit and then build a message around it that is specific, clever, and compelling.

Don’t get caught up simply boasting about your business instead of leading with all of the meaningful ways that it will fuggen BLESS your consumer. Of course, the impressive features are a part of that, but they’re not the whole story.

And they’re sure as hell not the most interesting part of it.

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