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There are loads of impressive statistics about how emotions influence consumer buying behavior, but since this isn’t the beginning of a 90s term paper, we won’t open with a stat. Now that the intro is over, though, here’s one. A few years ago, the most-shared post on The New Yorker was a humor piece. In fact, it had double the shares of any other post that year. Double.

The point? Even in serious, formal circles, funny wins.

The other point? If you’re overly-formal in your messaging, the main emotion you’re stirring up in people is likely boredom. And honey (*suddenly has a southern accent*) no one wants to engage with boredom.

Put in another, catchier way that we will probably put on Instagram later? You can lighten things up without making light of them.

We get it, you’re a big deal. Your business is dripping with expertise. You need people to trust you and take you seriously.

But here’s a fun treat: you can show authority and also talk like a human; you can communicate excellence while amusing your audience.

And sugar (oh no, the southern accent is back), you’ll never even get them to pay attention to your Big Bad Accomplishments if you have zero personality.

Let’s just say you won’t hear anyone going, “I LOVE that brand, they’re so STIFF and STUFFY and ALOOF and EXPECTED!” anytime soon. K? Nobody has time these days to be dulled to death.

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