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What a great question (if we do say so ourselves since we wrote it). But seriously, we get this one a lot. And we get it: the people looking to hire us usually don’t care as much about how we get them to success as much as hitting those objectives. We’ve made peace with the fact that we are more passionate about fun and humor than most of the marketing world, so we’ll just cut to the chase and help explain why it is such a powerful sales tool.

Okay, so you’ve likely heard the widely-proven fact that purchasing behavior is an emotional decision—which means that while you yourself may not care if your brand is fun, we can assure you that your consumer does. FWIW, “fun” is a big, colorful umbrella (picture a human-sized cocktail umbrella) that covers a wide range of customer experiences. It shows up in the branding world in ways you’ve maybe not considered or categorized as “fun.” The most simple definition we can offer is that fun branding is the opposite of expected, bland, ordinary, or commonplace.

Now, the reason fun is so critical in branding is that it goes (way) beyond simply entertaining and wow-ing your audience, and does an incredible job at eliciting an emotional response from them—one you can strategically control with the type of messaging you employ. Your campaigns can perform and persuade in different, powerful ways depending on the tone of voice, persona, or device you use with your copy. One creative approach may make a consumer feel energized and inspired (a tactic we often use when working with brands in the Consumer Packaged Goods space,) while another might dispel mistrust or suspicion (a strategy we adopt for our clients in the Healthcare industry). Another messaging strategy might help a consumer feel less confused and overwhelmed (our go-to approach with brands in the Fintech space). The list is endless(ly exciting).

Basically, if you expect your business to garner attention & memorability (consumer acquisition), or loyalty (consumer retention) you better lead with creative messaging that incites anything but apathy. Fun, huh? ;)

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